I rarely feel like ranting but what really got me was when I recently heard a couple of guys talking about girls and one mentioned a specific girl he doesn’t find attractive in an overly disgusted tone. That was all he had to say about her and then he moved on the the next female. Something in my head clicked and I started thinking about all of the past conversations I’ve been apart of or overheard that sounded pretty similar to this one as I’ve grown up. Popular words I’ve heard are beat, butter face, ratchet, fugly, etc. My most recent favorite, “just hopped off the ugly bus”, came out of the mouth of a client when he was describing what kind of stylist he didn’t want doing his hair. (He was a bit sweaty, overweight and his visible stomach folded over the front of his pants down to the bottom of his zipper. Just thought I would throw those little details in there.) What I can understand here is the fact that these men are not exactly attracted to these women, thats not something you can force.. What I don’t understand~ They were talking about these women’s looks as if it was the only thing they are good for? Were you at all interested in her intelligence or sense of humor? What if she loves all the same authors or video games as you and could have been someone you enjoy talking to? Even if its only for a few minutes. What if she could have been the friend that saves your life… What if she’s better at football than you? Which lead me to a bigger question ~ Why have I seen so many woman place their worth and have it placed mainly on how they look? I may sound extreme but I think it’s very important that this stops. So many beautiful souls and lives have probably been hindered by the amount of importance we place on appearance and it makes me fucking mad. I have someone I can call my best friend who is actually stunning appearance wise and at almost 20 years old can not call herself beautiful. It’s always a couple pounds that need to be lost or something on her outsides that needs to change. I don’t care how long it takes I will never get tired of telling my best friend she is beautiful and I will never get tired of trying to make people see how unfair some things are for women. Although i’m pretty heated  because well.. ranting..I’m happy to say that I have met plenty of nice men with a different thought process than the one  aforementioned. I haven’t seen it myself but i’m sure the same things happen with the gender role reversed. I know I am just one small human but I will always speak up in hopes that this way of thinking becomes extinct. Evolve damnit.


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